Dear Brother Knight:

I have recently been reminded of the impor­tance of main­tain­ing the emblem and want to share a cou­ple of key teach­ings I have learned since becom­ing GK. I want to share this with all of you as we head into a busy sea­son as Knights. There are many ways we can be involved with activ­i­ties and parish events. All mem­bers are encour­aged to be involved and lead activ­i­ties you are drawn towards. It can be easy to get so focused on an event that we may loose sight of other key requirements.

Broth­ers, as we begin our Lenten jour­ney, we need to review our­selves as indi­vid­u­als, and as a coun­cil on the direc­tion we are going. Our focus should be on help­ing our broth­ers in time of need and char­i­ties in our local com­mu­nity. We really need to work as a coun­cil together on how we can really ben­e­fit our local com­mu­ni­ties. We need to refo­cus our vision by get­ting back to giv­ing to char­i­ties that help oth­ers and doesn’t inter­rupt what the Knights stand for. May

God Bless you dur­ing Lent.

Peace, Mark Delaney