CrossOfChristCatalina Rivas of Cochabamba, Bolivia, who now dwells in Mérida, Yucatán, Méx­ico. She is said to receive Mes­sages from Jesus, Mary, and the angels. She has the approval of her Bishop, René Fer­nán­dez Apaza, who has given his impri­matur to her Mes­sages. The fol­low­ing text is the repro­duc­tion of book­let, “The Holy Mass,” in which Our Lord and Our Lady explain to Catalina what is really going on dur­ing the Mass in the spir­i­tual realm, and how we should be more con­cen­trated on the great mys­ter­ies that are tak­ing place.

Bo. Daniel Gagnon, OMI, of the Com­mis­sion for the Doc­trine of the Faith of the Arch­dio­cese of Mex­ico, wrote about this book: “I do not find any­thing against the faith or the cus­toms of the Church. It is not my func­tion to con­firm its super­nat­ural char­ac­ter; nev­er­the­less, I rec­om­mend it for its spir­i­tual inspiration.”

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